To me
The word SOUL
Is a liquid
That fills our
Body vessel,
It can be either a mirth
Or sometimes
A venom !

To be in peace
Stop the fluttering wings !
Of the inner bird called mind !

She's hour hand !
I'm minute hand !
Her father !  seconds hand !

If you get to know
For what this life has
Given to you !
Go ahead and
Proceed it !
As there is nothing
Much important
"Knowing oneself"

Time designed
Its pattern
On her skin !!


I design my feelings,
Every time
Some turns into poems !
And some into
Tears ! !

Accepting and adjusting everything
Happening to us
Is what folks calls

My only friend !
Very good teacher !
Partner in crime !
Stress buster !
Philosopher !
The one thing that makes me
Do anything daringly !
Earphone's baby !
Travel time spender !
The only way to ignore
Annoying people !



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