Tell them not

Oh wind!
Let me tell you a secret!
I'm crying inside!
Tell them not!
Otherwise they'll pinch
More ball pins in my wound!
Oh waves!
Let me tell you a story
Of a mindless poet
Loses all his lucky charm
And begging his goddesses
For their mercy on him!
Tell them not!
Otherwise, they'll laugh at that poet
Saying him mad!
Oh finest sands
Let me tell you my pains!
Like yours
Even my inside have got
Lot of boot stampings!
Tell them not!
Otherwise, they'll search others footprints
Forgetting to see thier's!
If at all
Loving and trusting my time
Is a sin!
Let me suffocate inside
My errors bin!
Oh vast sky!
Tell them not!
Otherwise they may come
And examine my error bin
Asif they're really a smart ass!
So please
Tell them not!
I'm done with advises!



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